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At Badger Maps, we make it a priority to create a work environment where everyone, regardless of background, gender or ethnicity, can thrive in and develop a fulfilling career. We’re proud of the unique culture we’ve developed over the years that makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated as an integral part of the team. There are 4 core values that bind us all together and define Badger’s culture:

We trust each other. This means that every Badger, from intern to CEO, is encouraged to approach any project in their own way, to rethink processes, give and receive constructive feedback, and to be heard. This creates an open-minded environment that gives everyone the opportunity to run with an idea, be creative and drive innovation without being limited by their job title. New ideas are constantly born, tested, and implemented.

The fact that we’re autonomous does not mean we don’t work together. Open communication and collaboration are key to building a strong team that is able to drive growth and make an impact. We love working together, not only within our teams but also cross-functional. We share our expertise with each other in pursuit of a common vision. This helps us align Badger’s efforts across all departments, build empathy within the whole organization and broadens our horizon.

Focusing on diversity in the recruiting and hiring process has allowed us to build a great team of people from all types of backgrounds. The benefits of bringing together various perspectives that arise in a multicultural environment are indispensable. When different views and opinions come together, new ideas are born and innovation flourishes. We are always eager to learn about new perspectives and celebrate our employees’ differences in education, culture, ethnicity and identity.

Badger’s collaborative environment encourages learning from each other, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones to grow together as a team. We invest in our employees and have created a culture and mindset of continuous learning and growth where people can develop fulfilling careers. With our internal coaching and professional development program, we’ve built an accessible learning platform for our employees that enables them to sharpen their skills.

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Intern life at Badger Maps

A valuable learning experience

As an intern at Badger Maps you will experience a steep learning curve, friendly mentorship and a great opportunity for you to figure out what the challenges and opportunities of the real world are. One of our former interns wrote this about her time with us.  

We have made a great deal out of our internship program to make sure you get the best opportunities to excel and practice your skills. Read more about our internship program in this Forbes article. We also have excellent reviews on Glassdoor.