Winter Finance and Fundraising Internship

Job description

This internship is focused on analyzing and executing financing options, doing corporate financial analysis, and doing M&A analysis. Badger has raised both debt and equity rounds in the past, and used instruments like convertible notes, and is now exploring different funding options going forward. This is a great internship for someone looking to get their hands dirty with Startup Finance. Besides fundraising, other areas that the internship may get involved in are working with the financial statements, working with the CEO on cost and revenue projections, and doing debt analysis. It’s important to note that candidates do not need to have prior work experience in finance, as we will provide the necessary training.


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  • Here is an article about our intern program in Forbes.


  • Excellent control of the English language, both verbal and in writing

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and in writing.

  • Currently pursuing or recently graduated from a bachelor or master in finance, business, accounting, or any other related field


We have all you can eat peanut butter and coffee. We are flexible on dates that the internship begins and ends because different schools are on different schedules. The position reports directly to the CEO. Badger works with you to attain course credit when your University supports internships for credit.

During the internship we do provide a monthly expense of allowance, and you can gain college credit during the internship.